Dima Online Framework

Welcome to Dima's framework. The site is an online tool to build open source content management system Joomla template is.

کمک به خیریه مهر آفرین

The framework can easily mold design mold design and implement your own site dive format. The application template provides you with web standards compliance
    The arrow keys to create rows and columns to use format
    In an empty area in the middle of every situation you can enter the name of your module, otherwise the naming system for position
    If you want to output to Joomla 2.5 template conversion, you can select a location and the word component to it, the system automatically converts the specified component to your template you.
    You can leave a proprietary names for all boxes
    Produced default format for all situations uses rounded style, you can fit their needs or to xhtml change this mode to none!
    To convert the template to CMS and subsequent editing is necessary to save the key in the bottom of the form must die!
    For better performance, please use the following positions for the system definition
        logo to display the logo
        left position left or right depending on the version of your application
        right position left or right depending on the version of your application
        footer to display copyright
        horizontal menu tree menu
        sldie Sliders
        tab tab with ten different styles
        user1 ta user5 to display everything
        bottom1 ta bottom5 to display everything
        footer1 ta footer5 to display everything
        Site breadcrumb path
        date date
        lang Language
        eng written in English
        search Search
    Content management systems like Drupal theme these situations are defined
    To control module in Joomla must -none of options or -rounded or -xhtml at the end position of use, for example menu-none makes up the position as no.

No. This is because it may violate copyright, disabled, why we have to limit this tool, this tool is only for those who have designed their form and need to be converted to Joomla!

In this example, the study of the site that is loaded has a right position and a left position and size of each position and size of 200 x 600 pixels, which is the material position in the total width of the frame is 1000 pixels so our requirement for this position then we write and put on top form, like a row of this section 4 is the class that is the case.

<?php if($this->countModules("right")) :
<?php if($this->countModules("left")) :

The first part of our code that controls the size of the middle position in the absence of either or both positions, to control any of the situations we use the following code example.

        <?php if($this->countModules("left")) : ?>
            <div id="dima_4">
                <div id="dima_4_1_wrapper">
                    <div id="dima_4_1">
                        <jdoc:include type="modules" name="left" style="rounded" />
        <?php endif; ?>

Template Builder online tool to design a structure or framework Jvmlast format, this means you can frame your site with tools in the middle of the site and its arrow keys.

To activate the mobile version should be careful when creating templates, Joomla 3.0 version on your content management system and the mobile version Yes Let The mobile version also will be made to your template.

Remember, if you have selected the original file format designed for the mobile version of your template instead of index.php to desktop.php rename and file mobile.php is mobile version.

The two lines must remove the Joomla 3 minutes and add to the bottom line instead:

// Add JavaScript Frameworks
// Load optional RTL Bootstrap CSS
JHtml::_('bootstrap.loadCss', false, $this->direction);

This line of Joomla 2 is to be replaced:

$doc->addScript('templates/' .$this->template. '/js/jquery.min.js');
تمامی حقوق برای گروه نرم افزاری دیما محفوظ است ، طراحی شده توسط دیما تمپلیت (میترا تمپلیت) ، قدرت یافته از دیما سی ام اس

از سایت های زیر بازدید کنید!